English speaking Photographer for Professional Business Portraits, Glamourshoots and Fineartphotography near Dormtund

We are moving!

We are not available for Photoshoots right now.

But please feel free to contact us for future Projects.

  • Individual consultation (might include personal branding)

  • Creative planning

  • Relaxed atmosphere

  • Personal assistance while choosing your favorite images

  • You only buy what you love

  • All ordered images are delivered in print and optimized for print and social media

  • Professional hair + make-up are complementary if wished for

  • Outstanding print quality for wall art or albums

  • Single images starting at only 200,00 Euro

Contact Me!

Feel free to post me a message if you have any special questions about my service or availability. If you don't mind quick calls, add your phone number, too. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. If you'd rather call: My number is 01709440817 . I'll get back to you, in case I can't pick up immediately.

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What can you expect from your photoshoot?

No worries about the result

We will plan the Shoot together. We will discover how your dream images should look in a pre-shoot consultation. So you get no nasty surprises.

No Hurry

We’ll take all the time that we need for the shoot. Just as when you are going to choose your favorite images. No time pressure. No selling pressure. It’s a promise!

Best Quality

I tested many printing offices in- and outside of Germany to the test, so you don’t have to do it. Elegance, sturdiness, and longevity are the criteria I look for in my products.And you can simply choose which style suits you the best.

About my process

Our first common project starts long before the actual photoshoot. We’ll first meet at a consultation.

Here I want to find out about everything about you that’s important to make you feel amazing during the whole photoshoot:

  • What kind of person are you?
  • What do you love?
  • What Ideas do you have for the shoot?
  • And what would you like the outcome to look like?
  • What are your favourite colours?
  • What style do you like?

That way, we can get to know each other comfortably and you will be more relaxed during the photoshoot, since you are photographed by someone you already know and not a complete stranger.


The next step is planning your set.

I start collecting different images for a mood board, according to the information I’ve got from you before. This is to make sure, that we both have the same goal. If you already have your own collection of favourite images – Show me!

According to what we’ve got I might gather some nice equipment to compliment your beautiful self and match our Ideas.

I’d love to go with you over some style and wardrobe choices for your shoot. Since not every piece of clothing we love, looks equally flattering on a photo.


The actual photoshoot typically starts with professional styling. If you prefer to already come fully prepared, it’s completely fine, too.

Most important that you feel as beautiful as possible on that day.

I will try to find the best possible light and angle for your features for you. I want to create images you really love and can cherish forever.


Afterwards, I will pre-cull the images, to not overwhelm you, and then, we will go over the best-of together. Which is typically 50 to 100 photos, depending on how long the shoot was.

I have a great program for that, where we can put images side by side and zoom in, which is usually not the case in online ordering programs, so I decided to offer this as a special service for you.


Finally the product choice:

No matter if you are the album type or the wall art type, I will provide you with stunning quality fine art prints. Let me know if you have any special requests and I’ll do my best to make it happen.


No matter how you decide: You’ll only buy the images that you really love!


Do you have special requests about the location? Let me know!

This whole process applies to all of my clients. No matter if they come in for business and personal branding photos or glamour and maternity shoots. My goal is always to give the best possible service.



In this video, you see my whole retouching process from start to finish. My principle for retouching is that people should still look like people and not like porcelain dolls. Everyone I photograph should still be recognizable in the end.


That being said – I know that cameras can be quite mean sometimes and love to capture things, that are easily overlooked in daily life, overly sharp. That’s what I’m trying to balance in postproduction.



"Que Lindo!"

- Sonya-

"You are so nice to me. Every time you make me feel special. I was so worried about my appearance. It so easy for me to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. - I just received your BEAUTYFUL pictures! Thank you very much!!!!!!"

- Catherine-

"Normalerweise mag ich mich garnicht auf Bildern. Das ist das erste Bild von mir, das mir gefällt. Das würde ich mir sogar an die Wand hängen."

- Inna

"Ich hätte wirklich nicht erwartet, dass die Bilder so gut werden - und trotzdem noch so natürlich aussehen!! Vielen, vielen, vielen tausend Dank dir!!"

- Nicole

Lydia Steberl - Deine Fotografin mit Lieblingsbildgarantie

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